One Thousand Twenty Seven!

ONE THOUSAND TWENTY SEVEN users have confirmed their email addresses and registered on That’s an amazing rate of growth, far higher than I would have imagined, and I’m flattered my little program has been getting all that attention.

Here’s the breakdown by day:

8/15: 15 registered users, mostly people who I told about the otherwise-unannounced alpha version.

8/16: I annouce voo2do late at night, publishing my blog entry at 11:36pm. 28 new users. (I also made entries on furl and

8/17: voo2do climbs the ranks at, working its way to the low singly digits by evening. 190 new users.

8/18: voo2do hits the top of, and sits there until the evening, when it starts slowly gliding back down. 541 new users.

8/19: voo2do is still on the popular page. This morning it was second and now it’s sixth. So far, 253 new users.

I expect it to cool down quite a bit over the weekend but perhaps next week someone will write about it and send another tide of new users our way.

Thanks to everyone trying voo2do, especially those sending me helpful bug reports, insightful suggestions, and kind compliments!