Voo2do Web Review

Although Voo2do now has 1180 users, I think that attention is mostly due to social bookmarking sites like del.icio.us. From what feedster tells me, here’s the round-up of discussion about voo2do:

  • Update: Chris Beams posted a mention and a greasemonkey script that adds a keyboard shortcut for creating a task. (Sorry for forgetting this, Chris!)
  • Update 2: Paul Craig has tried a lot of different systems, and they were all terrible. Until voo2do…
  • Update 3: Slackah calls it “my new love”.
  • Martin Gordon has the most substantial review I’ve seen so far.
  • Lifehack.org suggests that readers try it out.
  • Alinobairro appreciates my “license” – if you like it, smile at a stranger today.
  • miss thinks-too-much says whee!
  • Irubin asks about the underlined shortcut keys (I replied)
  • Tao of Mac is skeptical — do all Ajax apps really use the same yellow? (Actually yes, otherwise sunlight leaks in and degrades the code.)

Please comment if you see something I’ve missed.