Numerous Bugs Fixed

Oh, joyous day! Several bugs that have been inconveniencing voo2do users have been fixed, and are now live at the site.

Note: To make sure you have the latest changes, click your browser’s reload button while on the tasks page. This will ensure you have the latest version of our script files.

  • International Character Support — MOST REQUESTED BUGFIX — voo2do now uses UTF-8 Unicode encoding, supporting many written languages on recent browsers. (Note that there is not yet timezone or localized date format support, but I consider those missing features, not bugs.)
  • Edit dates in IE — users of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser were unable to edit due dates in any of the tasks views; the date would appear to change but was not saved. Fixed.
  • Excessive navigation confirmations on browsers based on development versions of Mozilla Gecko — some browsers, including Camino for Mac and Deer Park alphas for Windows, popped up a warning dialog (Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?) in between any link, whether or not you had unsaved data. I still think this is a browser bug, but I’ve put a workaround in place to fix this misbehavior.
  • Saving on the history page — you can now save from the history page, even in MSIE.

Thanks to everyone who’s been trying out voo2do, and especially those who found these bugs and sent me helpful messages.