Paper and Video

Voo2do recently got a couple of mentions in media that haven’t before, to my knowledge, noted it. The first is a real dead-trees paper, although I can’t tell whether the Site Seeing column in the 8/19/2005 St. Petersburg Times is actually printed or an online-only feature. Here’s what author Jules Allen said:

PDAs are passe, so you don’t want to risk looking unfashionably retro in front of the office “in” crowd. Paper isn’t green, so what’s an industrious wanna-be to do? A free account on voo2do might be just the ticket. It’s a nothing-to-install application that runs through your browser and can neatly separate the tasks in your work life from what you call a personal life. Nifty.

Also, Amber in CommandN Videocast Episode 12 chooses voo2do for her “web pick of the week”. CommandN sent quite a few hits over to voo2do yesterday, according to voo2do.. Thanks for the mention!