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Denis Perekhrest (of has invented a cool way to connect your bookmarks to Voo2do. He’s using RssFwd, a service that watches an RSS feed and sends you email whenever a new item is posted, and Voo2do’s new support for adding tasks via email. Very Web 2.0.

The full article is at inforedesign and in Russian, but Denis kindly emailed me an English translation:

Title: + rssfwd + voo2do

Account on
Account on voo2do

What for:
In order not to loose interesting links and to make me write posts (translations).


Recently in voo2do service one new possibility appeared to create tasks via e-mail. Each account has it’s secret address, the letters sent to this address formed in a special but not difficult way, are automatically transferred into tasks. At the moment there are some problems with Cyrillic font, but the developer of the service in aware of it and is going to solve them.

All links to the articles I would like to translate or to use on my blog I used to put to the bookmarks in the browser to the folder 2_blog. Now it is possible to use another scheme, which requires more steps, but still is more profitable. Now I have access to my links anywhere where Internet is, and what is more important, it is not just a link any more, it is the tasks, which are to be done.

How does it work? You bookmark the page into , via marking this entry by special tag like post_2_blog. This tag has its own rss-feed. Copy this link…

… to the servise RSSFwd. Input address into the field of rss-fees, and on the next page — secret address of the account voo2do, adding to the address (following the instruction) something like +blogpost (equal to the name of the project in the voo2do).

And that’s all. And finally, bookmarking the page to with special tag, in some time (2-8 hours) you get the task to write or to translate the article in your task list.

And when you have a task, you have a stimulus to write or translate the article.

Author: Denis Perekhrest (

Neat hack!