eHub Interviews Voo2do

Web 2.0 directory eHub has posted an interview with me about Voo2do. If you’re curious about what prompted me to start Voo2do and where it’s going, check it out.

eHub: What is your design philosophy?

voo2do: Everything should be as simple, automatic, fast, and pleasant as possible. The problem with to-do lists and productivity methodologies is that it’s way too easy to let them slide and get off track. If its colors are warm and welcoming, and if the UI is packed with little wonders, that can be the little push that keeps you going. Conversely, if the application is slow or broken or ugly, it can be the little stumble that kills the whole process.

So unlike other projects I’ve done where I focused on developing something that was theoretically interesting, I have tried in Voo2do to focus relentlessly on quality of the user experience, from prospective user/newbie to power user. Whenever I think of adding a feature I try to do it in the most unobtrusive possible way.

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