Voo2do Tips from Carlo

Voo2do user Carlo Bonamico sent along some tips, which may be especially useful for programmers who use Visual Studio along with Voo2do.

I would like to point out a few tips that might be useful to you and other users:

To backup all tasks automatically with wget (available on linux, but also on windows either in cygwin or stand-alone – search wget windows on google) [ed: try here]:

wget.exe -O alltasks.xml http://voo2do.com/api/getAllTasks?userId=4..6&loginHash=e..1

Obviously userid and loginHash (obtained with getLoginHash) must be changed. [ed: see Voo2do API documentation]

The same could be achieved with the more flexible CURL tool, which even allows for doing POSTs and file uploads from the command line.

The same tool can be used to add tasks from a batch file or from the tools/external tools of Visual Studio 6

wget.exe” -O result.htm http://voo2do.com/api/saveTask?userId=4..6&loginHash=e..1&projName=PROJECT1&estOrig=1.5&elapsed=.5&taskdesc=%1

In VS:
add a new tool
Command line: wget.exe with full path
Arguments: -O $(WkspName).htm http://voo2do.com/api/saveTask?userId=4..6&loginHash=e..1&projName=$(WkspName)&estOrig=1&taskdesc=$(CurText)
Use output window: true

So you will add the current txt selection to a V2D project named after your workspace…

You can also add a kb shortcut.

Thanks, Carlo!