Updated Voo2doTray Application

Voo2do user Robbie Coleman has created an updated Voo2do Windows tray application based on Girish Bharadwaj’s original voo2dotray. This version can save your login information, and includes some bugfixes, notably one addressing the issue where refreshes would crash the program if you have and projects that contain no tasks.

This application sits in your Windows tray (on the Start bar, near the clock) and lets you view and update your Voo2do tasks at a glance.

Robbie’s version requires that you install the Microsoft .NET framework 2.0. This is unlike the original, which used .NET 1.1.

I like this app a lot. Thanks, Girish and Robbie… now who’s going to write the Linux/GNOME version?

Update 12/20/2005: Robbie has fixed a couple more bugs having to do with proxies and the login dialog. Use the links above to download the latest version.