Can you help me fix cookie problems with

A handful of users have reported problems staying logged into They are prompted for the user name and password and enter those correctly, but then get this message:

- Cookies must be enabled in your browser

Strangely, this message comes up even when cookies are enabled. One user even confirmed that his browser had received and stored the cookie, but did not seem to be able to send it back to The cookie contains a special code that voo2do uses to figure out who you are; so without it, you will be logged out.

But then he tried using voo2do outside the office– and it worked fine. Indeed, it seems all users experiencing these problems are coming from corporate networks. Something is getting blocked or lost somewhere, but I can’t figure out what, because I can’t figure anything out about these networks. I suspect there is a cookie blocker in some web filtering software, but I’m far from certain.

So I ask for your help: if you’ve seen this problem, and especially if you were able to fix or work around it somehow, please let me know. Just email or comment on this post.

As an added incentive, I will immediately send $20 via PayPal to the first person who provides a critical insight I can use to eliminate this problem. But any insight, even “yeah that happened to me at my office”, is helpful to me and thousands of other voo2do users.

By the way, did I mention that there are over 10,000 of you guys now? OK, most of you just dropped in to kick the tires, but that’s still pretty amazing. Thanks!