New server!

Voo2do has been moved to a faster, more powerful server. I initially thought the transition was smooth but quickly discovered and fixed a couple of problems (details below). Everything should be running correctly now, so if you notice any possible problems, please email me at or call me at +1 857.928.3028.

Thank you all for making Voo2do a popular enough service to merit this upgrade, and special thanks to those who helped me find problems right after the move!

Update: Mikalai Beliashou reported that non-English characters in task names had been replaced with unreadable symbols. Unfortunately this indicated a problem in the backup/restore process that was used to move data from the old server to the new one, so I’ve had to re-do this move. Therefore, data changes — including edits, new tasks, and new user accounts — made between roughly 7:30 and 8:30pm EST have been undone.

I’m very sorry to have wiped out this data but it didn’t seem feasible to correct only the messed-up data. This meant I’d either have to restore again from the old server, wiping out an hour of usage, or leave many international users with useless task titles. Losing the hour seemed like the lesser of two evils. Apologies for the data loss.

Update 2: Email submission of tasks to voo2do was temporarily broken too; if you received a bounce notice, please try re-sending your task.