“Site of the Day”

Voo2do has been selected as RedOrbit’s Site of the Day. RedOrbit appears to be a news portal for science and tech, apparently created in November and doing OK but not huge traffic. Their congratulations email included a handy logo and instructions to link back to them, but voo2do isn’t featured prominently on their site; in fact, I haven’t found a “site of the day” section by browsing or searching.

Now, every website with awards for X-of-the-day is doing it partially to get links back. But if you’re publishing these awards by quoting the “winning” sites’ own descriptions in a part of your site no normal visitor will ever see, it starts to look like you’re just asking for free Google juice. Every webmaster’s gotten bogus “link exchange” requests from spam sites. Is this award just one step up from that?

And does anyone out there actually read RedOrbit?

Update: I was wrong above; there is actually a link to sites of the day from the home page of RedOrbit, under “Technology and Innovation” at left. So far (13:55 EST), it has sent 1 hit my way.