New version available for Beta Testing

UPDATE: the beta is no longer available; this version has been installed on the main

Good news! A new version of voo2do is now available for testing. I’d like a few people to try it out and identify any severe problems before I switch to the new version completely. It’s a chance to help the voo2do community, get a sneak peek at new features, and offer suggestions and bug reports that I’ll try to address promptly.

The beta is on a new server and is using a copy of the voo2do database from the morning of Mar 25, 2006. Modifications you make on the beta server affect the beta server database only. They will not affect your data on and will be deleted in a few days when the beta period ends. After that, I’ll upgrade all voo2do users and data to the new version.

To play with the beta version, please:

  1. Read the line in bold above. If you don’t understand what it means, don’t use the beta. Your data on will not be affected.
  2. Read about the new features.
  3. Go to
  4. Test lots of things. Discover bugs and confusing designs.
  5. Tell me about them.