New features: date format, better GTD support, collaboration support

Today marks the release of several oft-requested new features for voo2do. If you’ve seen the beta, you’ve probably helped me debug these. Announcing:

  • Renamed views to contexts, and added ability to assign a task into a specific context.
  • Inactivation (and reactivation) of contexts and projects makes it easier to get old stuff out of the way.
  • Support for D/M/Y and Y-M-D date formats, in addition to M/D/Y.
  • Ability to edit (not just add and delete) notes.
  • Task-specific menu (click on ).
  • Notes button now opens in a simulated window rather than an actual new browser window, making this interface operation faster on many browsers.
  • Initial collaboration support, including ability to assign tasks to a person and to publish tasks for public viewing.
  • New Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Check it out and let me know what you think!