Upcoming Voo2do Features

Hi everyone!

It’s been too long since my last post, and I’ve had limited time to work on Voo2do. But there’s a new version in the works with a number of great features I hope you’ll appreciate.

Coming Soon

  • customizing the dashboard: you’ll be able to hide and rearrange contexts on the dashboard. Your arrangement will be stored in a browser cookie, so you can see work first on one browser but home first (and work hidden) on another.
  • hit “Save” more efficiently: another “Save” button is now available at the bottom of each task list, and a new style for buttons highlights the available keyboard shortcuts.
  • backup and restore notes: the backup function, limited so far to task data only, will now include the text of your notes.
  • numerous bug fixes
  • and a shiny new logo!

Thanks for trying Voo2do, and I hope you’ll appreciate the many new features and bug fixes coming out Real Soon Now. ;)