Voo2do for Authors

Monica Valentinelli at the Words on the Water | Freelance Writing Blog has a thoughtful post on professional freelance writing. After a review of the financial benefits of fiction vs. nonfiction writing, she covers the process of working as a writer and managing the projects and various people involved. She suggests using a tool like Voo2do to track the many ongoing tasks a writer faces.

Though I’m not a writer, I recognize a lot of the same concerns from my work as a software developer. You have a variety of bosses expecting different deliverables at various deadlines. They all get angry if you run late, and even angrier if you don’t tell them you’re running late until after the deadline. It’s probably even harder for writers; I often feel like I need some hard-to-invoke inspiration to finish a software project, but the role of inspiration in writing a story has got to be much greater.

Still, it’s good to know that Voo2do can help writers with their work just as it helps me with mine.