Open Invitation to Try the New Voo2do Beta

Thank you for reading the Voo2do blog. I’m happy to announce that a new version of Voo2do is available for open beta testing.

A handful of people (including me) have been using the beta for about a week now, and I’ve been responding to their requests and fixing a few bugs. I’m now confident that the beta is working well and ready for wider use.

So– you’re invited to give the beta a try! Just login using your existing Voo2do email/password at:

When you login, the beta will automatically copy your data from the main You can also re-copy this data anytime, so you can experiment with the beta as much as you want. If you like it, feel free to switch to it permanently — just change your bookmarks and the address you use for submitting tasks by email. Once the beta test has concluded, this will become the main version of Voo2do.

New features in this beta include:

  • automatic saving of task changes as your edit (no more save button)
  • expanding description column – more room for big screens
  • improved email handler – accepts most language encodings and HTML mail
  • lots of little improvements and bug fixes

I’m hoping you’ll find many things to like about the new version. It represents a major rewrite of much of Voo2do, so if you run into any problems please email me and I’ll do my best to address them promptly.

And as always, your feedback (on this blog or to directly) is welcome and appreciated.

Thank you,

Shimon Rura, creator of Voo2do